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RISAT-1 Satellite To Provide Clear Picture Of Kharif Crops

India is ready to launch a satellite for further developments that track objects, natural features, people movements and disasters on ground using images that are obtained throughout the year.

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is used to see through clouds and it was developed by ISRO’s Space Applications centre, Ahmedabad.

This is India’s second radar imaging satellite which will be launched into space on Thursday. This imaging satellite is expected to have military uses too; this RISAT-1 (PSLV-C19) will also give sharp and clear images of Kharif crop, mainly paddy during the gloomy months of September-November. It will facilitate early rice estimation amount without waiting until December or January.

Here are some pictures of the RISAT-1 satellite:

RISAT-1 Satellite

RISAT-1 Satellite

Scientists at work on the RISAT-1 Satellite

Scientists at work on the RISAT-1 Satellite

You can find more details about the Risat-1 satellite in this doc: isro.org/pslv-c19/pdf/pslv-c19-brochure.pdf

RISAT-1 will also improve tracking and management during floods, natural disasters and cyclones. It costs about 378 crore and launch adds an amount of 120 crores. Launch authorization board of ISRO cleared the launch for 5.47 AM on April 26th!

Source: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/industry-and-economy/article3344867.ece

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