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Airplane Travel Gets More Expensive – Airport Charges Raised By 346%

Today, AERA (Airports Economic Regulatory Authority) decided to raise the charges in airport of New Delhi in about 346 per cent and this will be in two years time. The airlines said that the passengers had to deal with their massive hike since they will not have any choice.

AERA Logo Airports Economic Regulatory Authority
AERA – Airports Economic Regulatory Authority

A passenger would have to pay Rs 290 for passenger fee alone for domestic flights while Rs 580 for the international flights. These prices could still rise depending on the airline company that will be handling the increase.

Among the group that is against this increase is the International Air Transport Association. The group mentioned that when this increase will solidify, then it would make Delhi as the world’s most expensive airport.

Other services of the airport like fixing landing, parking and other source of tariff have also an increase in charge. It has been expected that rates would rise on April next year which will be another burden for passengers.


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