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Santoor Crosses Rs 1,000 Crore Sales

The first brand that has come across the revenue of Rs 1,000 crore in the year 211-12 is Santoor of Wipro’s consumer products division. This had been achieved by the company even if they are only third largest soap brand in India.

Santoor Logo

Santoor Logo

The profit of the company was made possible with the spurt in rural demand that make their product popular. The extensions that they had for handwash and deodorants were also key players for their success.

One of the things that might become a problem for the company is the possibility of increase in the price of palm oil and other raw cost that will definitely increase the cost of their products as well.

Though the price of the palm oil is bearable during the start of the quarter, it’s priced increased in the month of April. This is a challenge for people in the business to create a strategy to sill keep their clients amidst the increase of cost of their products.


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