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Indian companies help drive innovation, education and employment in the US

For a long time, since US is the more supreme when it comes to economy, India has long been taking benefits from the said country. India had not provided any job opportunities in the US since doing it in their own promises is somehow difficult.

Indian IT majors generating jobs in the US

Indian IT majors generating jobs in the US

But, this is a long time ago and today, India Business Forum survey reveals that Indian companies have significant economic and social impact on American communities where they do their operation.

For about 18 years, there are around 36 Indian companies that have been providing good and quality work for the US. This includes different sector and to name some we have education, healthcare, finance service and information technology.

The two countries are now in a good strategic partnership which will help them expand their trade. The success of Indian companies in the US is definitely a proof that there is a good tie between the two countries when it comes to economic matters and welfare.

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