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PSLV-C19 puts India’s first radar imaging satellite RISAT-1 into orbit

India’s first radar imaging satellite was designated into orbit today, April 26 with the aid of India’s reliable workhorse, the PSLV rocket. The name of the satellite is RISAT -1. All of India should be proud and happy for this since it just shows that development is not anymore aloof to them.

RISAT-1 Satellite

RISAT-1 Satellite

The new technology that was in the satellite is what makes it different from the countries other satellite. The radar satellite uses a microwave image sending technology that aids the satellite to see amidst high volume of clouds.

The satellite can take picture of the earth surface in any time of the day. It is said to circle the earth 14 times a day.

One of the purposes of this satellite is crop prediction (Click the link to see more pictures of the RISAT-1 satellite) which is very much important in the agricultural industry or sector of the country. And obviously, it can also take pictures of anything that is of good and important value for the country.


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