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Sesa Goa to start exploration in Liberia Mines soon

Sesa Goa will be starting their exploration work in the Liberian mines for Iron ore which is expected to be over 1 billion tonnes. Company has acquired a stake of 51% in Western Clusters Limited, which was supposed to develop the project for Rs.411 crore.

SESA Goa Group Logo

SESA Group

Licenses of three blocks are ready and the exploration work is expected to start in a week, a company official mentioned. Aeromagnetic survey of the ore area was completed and expenditure of Sesa Goa for the entire project will be known in 2-3 months, he added.

The company added about 68 million tonnes of reserves and source making its total iron ore base to 374 million tonnes. Sesa Goa can easily sustain with its resources for a period of 17-18 years with the current production rates. Also, company has kept aside Rs.600 crore for expansion activities excluding the Liberian exploration.

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SESA Group - Goa


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