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DLF planning to sell its Mumbai land

DLF, one of the most well-known real estate companies is planning to sell a piece of its land in central Mumbai. A report mentioned that the company is in talks with Lodha Developers, Runwal Group and Sheth Creators for selling.

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DLF is expecting a price of 30 billion rupees while the buyers are negotiating with a price range of 20 to 22 billion rupees for the 6.8 hectare property, the report added. It is in news that all companies finished their talks with DLF but the major is looking for more as it is expecting higher value.

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Lodha Builders

About 7 years ago, DLF bought that property from state-owned National Textile Corporation at a price of 7.02 billion rupees. Relators responded that they were not in talks in DLF for this deal and it was all market speculation. One of the DLF spokesperson also ruled out such rumour!


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