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Samsung, Godrej, Panasonic expecting atleast 25% higher sales from ACs this year

Consumers are now slowly realizing the importance of cost savings and energy consciousness when it comes to the products that they buy which led to the 25% higher sales from five star modes of Samsung, Godrej and Panasonic.

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One of the things that can be assured by these companies is that their products are really durable. The executive VP of Godrej Appliances said that they are projecting a growth about 2-30% for the consumers are becoming more concerned on the running cost of buying their appliances. The good model of appliances that the companyoffers is definitely good way for someone to save.

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The Panasonic brand is also expecting a 35% increase in sales compared to 20% last year and this is due to the energy saving ACs of their appliances. According to Manish Sharma of Panasonic, people are becoming more aware of the features of their product making them want their product more.

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