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India Generates 5% Of Sony’s Global Revenues; Plans For 10%

Kazuo Hirai, the new CEO of Sony Corporation is focussing a lot on developing markets, majorly on India will be visiting the country in few days. Sony is the leading brand in India in large Televisions and digital cameras market and Sony India contributes to 5% global revenues, which is among the top ten markets in the world.

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Sony saw an upbeat with a net loss of $6.4 billion in the last financial year and is announcing plans to cut 10, 000 employees across the globe while last week, Sony India that it will hire 500 employees this year. Sony India currently reports directly to Tokyo, the headquarters rather than Singapore, which is the Asia-pacific hub centre.

To add, Sony India touched a turnover of $1 billion in the last financial year and the results for FY 2011-12 are yet to be out. Sony’s Digital cameras, Camcorders and consumer laptops obtained great craze in the recent years.


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