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Indian Govt. Wants Foreign Air Carriers To Invest In Indian Airline Sector

Government is finally planning to allow major international airlines to invest in Indian carriers. It had made changes to many earlier rules to avoid foreign investment in Indian airlines. However, many foreign airlines are not ready to invest as the Indian aviation market is making a loss.

A Kingfisher Airlines carrier

A Kingfisher Airlines carrier

When a few airlines like Qatar Airways and Air Asia showed some interest in investing, companies like Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa and Emirates declared they were not interested. Nevertheless, official sources have pointed out that automatic approval for foreign airlines will not be given in investment in a domestic carrier.

This proposal will be cleared by the inter-ministerial Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) after considering a variety of issues that may rise, including the source of funds and security issues. Decision is likely to be made about granting clearance to foreign carriers investing in Indian airlines only after proper study.

Also Mr Majid Al Mualla, Senior Vice President in Commercial Operations (West Asia and Indian Ocean) of Emirates said the company is planning to launch flights to a few new destinations in the coming months and it won’t be able to invest in Indian airlines.

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