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Anand Subramanian’s NimbleTV Lets You See Watch TV On Any Mobile Device

The television has become very much popular to a lot of people and it is one of the necessities in life today. That is why most companies today such as Time Warner and Comcast are doing their best in order to provide what people are looking for. What people are thinking now is the concept of “TV Everywhere”. But most of the efforts of these known companies come with less success.

NimbleTV Logo

NimbleTV Logo

Everything of these have changed when a New York-based NimbleTV founded by Anand Subramarian created a platform that will help people view any TV content in whatever media device they have.

The concept of this technology come with the known concept of cloud where you will be given the option to upload all your television subscription and with this, you can now access these contents in any place provided that you have a high-speed internet connection. People will definitely like this concept and it will surely become a hit.


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