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HSBC To NOT Absorbs The Staff Of RBS

An unknown source once said that HSBC had agreed to absorb the entire RBS staff. But now, the problem is that not everybody will be retained. It is also not clear how many possible will be filled. There is still not comment about this on part of the HSBC spokesperson. While on the other hand, the RBS spokesperson said that they are doing their best to do something for the benefit of their clients and employees.



The HSBC decided to buy the RBS in an agreement made in the year 2010. This decision of the RBS was also due to the credit crisis that they have experienced where they had been laying off staff to cut costs.

They are doing their best in order to address the job loss that might happen if they stop their business. This is why they are working really hard with HSBC in order to address this problem.

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RBS - Royal Bank of Scotland

The crisis faced by the RBS was solved with the help of the British government. Now, what they are doing is selling their assets in order to repay the British government. According to a source, most of the employees will be offered jobs in HSBC and for those who will not be lucky enough to have their jobs would be supported by RBS and help them to be deployed in other companies. They will do their best to minimize job loss in their employees.


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