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Tata Motors To Integrate MDI’s Air Engine Technology In Its Cars

Tata motors and MDI technology have come to an agreement to use the air engine technology (that uses Compressed Air) of MDI on Tata Motors vehicle. According to Tata Motors the first phase to product these type of vehicles was a success.

Tata Motors Logo

Tata Motors

The agreement of this two companies were done last January 2007. With this agreement, Tata Motors will not be selling cars with MDI’s air engine technology in India. There are two phase on the said agreement. The first phase involves the transfer of technology and proof of the technical concept. The second phase is on the development of the specific vehicle with the air engine technology.

MDI England Luxemberg Logo

MDI England Luxemberg

The first phase is already done where two Tata Motor vehicles were incorporated with the air engine technology of MDI. On the second phase, the two companies will work hand in hand in order to properly introduce their product in the market where it is quite crucial.



Since this type of vehicle is new, the public might not accept the concept that easily.


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