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In Spite Of Declining Profits, ABB To Invest Rs 250 Crores In India Operations

For the quarter that ended March 31, 2012, ABB net profit had dropped to about 2 per cent at Rs 47,364 crore. This number was compared to the last year’s corresponding quarter. There might be a lot of reason for this, but the company is definitely doing their best in order for the problem not to become worst.

ABB Group Logo India

ABB Group India

More on the bad news, the company had also experienced a decline in their revenue. We could not blame the company for experiencing these problems since the economy has a big effect on the performance of their sale.

But, amidst these problems, the company is still se to invest a Rs 250 crore that will be intended for development of new facilities. This will help them be able to manufacture quality voltage power products and transformers. This expansion that they are planning is part of their scheme of serving more the need of their clients.

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