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LIC Housing To Launch Rs. 250 Crore Real Estate Private Equity Fund

It is a first for LIC Housing Finance Limited Asset Management to achieve Rs 250 crore for its maiden real estate fund. According to the chief executive of LICHFL AK Sharma, They have raised the mentioned amount so far from their investors like corporate and banks.

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LIC Home Finance

The company is hoping that they will be able to finish with their raising of funds by the end of June. The real estate will have a lot of sources investment like IT parts, mid-income housing projects and warehouses.

There is an opportunity in mid-income housing projects for it is becoming in demand today. This kind of demand will always be there since people will definitely need a house to life.

They will always do their best to be able to fund a house for their family. The company is also expecting some increase in the number of retail investors which will also be a good sign for them.


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