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Arvind Ltd. Reports 5.8% Increase in Net Revenue

There had been a 5.8 per cent increase in the net profit of Arvind Ltd. This number is for the fourth quarter that ended March 31, 2012. There profit last time was around Rs 63.02 crore and now they had a profit of Rs 66.68 crore.

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Arvind Brands

This development is definitely possible due to the efforts of the company to offer their service better. There are able to meet and answer the demand of their clients that is why they had improved in terms of sales and profit.

Speaking of sales, the net sales of the company had also increased from Rs 1,191.78 to Rs 1,272.53 crore in the fourth quarter. When companies will be performing this good, it will surely be good news to a lot of people who are looking for some jobs.

If a company is continuously experiencing an increase in their sales, there will surely be a big tendency that there will be an expansion.


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