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Desi Basmati Sees Rising Demand In China

The Chinese market had recently allowed imports from India which is the reason why basmati rice exporters are gearing up for this big opportunity. The exporters believed that it would really take some time in order to develop this new market. Though China had approved imports, there have been no orders from China yet.

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India Gate

Though the effect of this might be observed in the years to come, it is still a good thing to happen for India. What the government did was form a certain association that will look over everything that will happen in the export of products. Those China had really imported aromatic basmati; it comes in a small quantity.

China had preferred rice that comes from Vietnam and Thailand where the rice are glutinous and sticky. Another reason why the Jasmine rice is still popular compared to the basmati rice is its price. The Jasmine rice is relatively cheaper. A lot of exporters in India believed that there is really a big market in India since it has around 1.3 billion in population.


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