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Innovation India: DRDO’s Pilotless Airplane & NIIST’s Compact Digester

India has been testing its pilotless plane an on the 14th flight of this plane known as the Rustom-1, everything was with good results. The vehicle flew in the sky for about 2 hours and 10 minutes. Among the most important thing that needs to be good with planes is it take-off and landing.

DRDO Rustom 1 Airplane pictures

DRDO Rustom 1 Airplane

Rustom-1 had displayed perfect take-off and landing. The main reason why this vehicle was made is in order to do some surveillance that will be used by the military. This craft can surely pinpoint and identify specific targets.

DRDO Logo Defence Research Development Organisation

DRDO - Defence Research Development Organisation

When this plane will be finished, it is expected to reach the height of 22,000 ft and can fly for about 12-15 hours.

One the other hand, the NIIST had developed a compact digester for treating biomass. The good thing with this digester is that it is eco friendly. It means that it does not cause any environmental pollution.

NISST Logo National Institute of Secondary Steel Technology

NISST - National Institute of Secondary Steel Technology

The by-product of this process can be very useful for industrial applications. It will surely serve a lot of purpose for the people and the government as well.

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