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Lupin Posts A Whopping Rs. 7,000 Crore Revenue

Being in the league of big pharma is definitely not an easy achievement for any drugmaker company. Among the companies that are in the league today is the Lupin Drugmaker with its revenue over Rs 7,000 crore. This company had started low. In fact they only have a Rs 1,200 crore revenue about nine years ago, according to their managing director, Dr. K.K. Sharma.

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Lupin Pharma

To be exact, the company had an income of Rs 7,097 crore for the year that ended March 31. This is definitely quite higher compared to their last years’ revenue which was only about Rs 5,841 crore.

The reason for their success is that they have taken some risk in offering their service to different markets. They have reached markets of US, Europe, Japan and the rest of the world according to Dr. Shama.

This risk might also cause the company some problems, but for now, they are reaping good benefits from it. This just proves that success would surely come to people who know how to take some risks.


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