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SunEdison Gets Funding From IFC For Its Solar Projects

SunEdison had been known for its solar energy projects and services which might also be the reason why the International Finance Corporation (IFC) is going to provide them with Rs 75 crore, which they will be using to fund their photovoltaic power project in South East Asia, South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

IFC Logo International Finance Logo

IFC - International Finance Logo

This just shows that SunEdison is quite trusted by any financing group like IFC which is a member of the World Bank Group. There will also be an additional investment around Rs 290 crore that IFC would be providing if some condition in the future would be met.

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With these investments, IFC will be acquiring 15 percent stake in SunEdison Energy Holding in Singapore and Sun Edison Energy Holdings B.V. in Netherlands. The projects that are done by SunEdison are geared towards using of clean energy. They are also advocate in providing energy that will lessen the greenhouse gas emissions.


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