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Indian Postal Department Planning to set up 1000 ATMS at post offices

There is now a plan by the Department of Post where they will be setting up 1000 ATMs at post offices. This is to answer the problem on unbanked population. They will be using their vast postal network for this to become effective.

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According to the Telecom Minister there are about 154,688 post offices in the country making them known to be the largest network in the world. These post offices can definitely become a bank as soon as they become computerized.

Out of the 154,688 post offices, 25,154 are departmental post offices and the rest are managed post offices which are mostly located in rural areas. It is really good to note that as of March 31, there have been 24,969 departmental post offices that have been computerized and another 19,890 have been provided with network connectivity.

These advances will surely enhance the productivity of these post offices where people in rural areas could also benefit.


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