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Parle Launches Parle G Gold Premium Glucose Biscuits

One of India’s leading biscuit companies has made the right choice of targeting the urban markets with launching a product they called the Parle G Gold. The company is no other than the Parle Products, considered as the largest biscuit and confectionery manufacturer in India.

Parle G Gold Premium Glucose Biscuits

Parle G Gold Premium Glucose Biscuits

This company has been leading the market when it comes to biscuit manufacturing where there Parle G is becoming a leader in its category for about seven decades. Parle G currently dominates over 80% of the Glucose food market.

Since there is no significant change in the field of glucose biscuit for many years, the company had decided to launch the Parle G Gold which will offer people with a new richer formula for this type of biscuit.

Parle Logo

Parle Logo

According to the Group Product Manager of Parle products Mr. Mayank Shah, the release of the Parle G Gold in the market is very timely. We all know that most of the needs of people change and this is also true with this kind of foods. Those people are actually not directly looking for new products, they would surely be eager to try new released products in the market.


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