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Mercedes Benz Reports 30% Increase In Sales; Yamaha To Invest Rs. 1500 Cr For Chennai Plant

People might have also observed the slowdown in the economy which would obviously affect every market in India. This might be a fact, but the Mercedes-Benz India did not let the slowing down of the economy affect their growth by ending 2011 business year with about 30 percent of sale increase.

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Mercedes Benz

This just shows how well the company had managed their business while the economy is not performing well. With regards to their performance, it has been noted that they had sold 5,819 units in 2010 and during 2011, they were able to increase the number to 7,430. This information was given by Mercedes-Benz Sales and Marketing Director Debashis Mitra.

On the other hand, India Yamaha is not also being left out in the race for sales in the car industry. The company is planning to invest Rs 1,500 crore for a new two wheeler plant that will be situated in Chennai.

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The company had already signed a MoU with the government of Tamil Nadu for the approval of the construction of the factory. This plan of Yamaha is made in order to fuel their goal to achieve 2 million vehicle sales by 2016.

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