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Germany’s MDI Labs Sets Up Business In India; Targets Rs. 300 Cr Turnover By 2015

MDI which is the largest German clinical laboratory is entering the markets of India. The latter made an entry in the markets of India by setting up MDI Laboratories India Ltd.

The company is planning to achieve a turnover of around Rs 300 crore by 2015. The said company aims to set up over 1,000 collection centers and a logistics network that will be able to provide the transportation of samples of their products across India.

The good thing with this is that it will surely offer new job opportunities for people in India and at the same time there will be some upgrades and improvements expected to happen in hospitals in India just like what happened in one of the leading hospitals in Mumbai. The company is also planning to provide some training to doctors and technicians that will be conducted in Germany.

This would definitely make these people more knowledgeable and competent in the use of some latest medical apparatus and utilities.


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