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Foreign Firms Like Rio Tinto, BHP Lure Mining Engineers With Fancy Packages & Perks

There is now a scarcity of talented engineers in India for a great number of their good engineers are moving out of the country. The reason is that a lot of companies outside India like in Indonesia and South Africa are luring these mining engineers to their place with fancy packages and incidental benefits.

Rio Tinto Logo

Rio Tinto

Some of these companies that are getting good mining engineers in India are Rio Tinto and BHP. These companies are getting their workers from fresh graduates of institutes in India as well as engineers that with 5-15 years of experience in the mining industry. They are getting the attentions of these qualified people by fat packages and a lot of benefits.

BHP Billion Logo

BHP Billion

This has now become a challenge to Indian companies that pay less than what these companies could offer. According to Srinivas Nanduri, countries like Australia, Indonesia, Africa including Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso are constantly looking for professionals.


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