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Bharti Walmart Launches “Best Price Members Women’s Council” For Women Entrepreneurs

Most women today are in pursuit to establish their own business mainly because they have the passion for it. But, this passion is not enough for their business to be successful, which is the reason why Bharti Walmart had initiated a campaign that would empower women entrepreneurs.

Bharti Walmart Logo

Bharti Walmart Logo

This campaign was realized with the launch of “Best Price Members Council” in Chandigarh, Punjab. This council will handle some research that will determine why women entrepreneurs are having some problems with starting their business and problems in business expansion.

This program serves as a tribute for women who are in the field of entrepreneurship. The council aims to empower women so that they would be able to better run their business and also provide them with better insights about running a business.

Having a business is not that easy to do especially if you do not have the right knowledge about it. This is the reason why the initiative of the Bharti Walmart is really timely.


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