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Hydroelectric power plants in Arunachal Pradesh acquired by CESC

CESC Ltd which is an RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group company had confirmed that it had acquired two hydroelectric power plants owned by India Bulls. These plants are in Arunachal Pradesh which has a total power capacity of 146 mw. These two power plants are namely Pachi Hydro Power Projects Ltd and Papu Hydro Power Projects Ltd.



These two once owned by India Bulls Group. Both of these power plants are located in East Kameng District in Arunachal Pradesh. The Phangchung hydro generates about 56 mw of electricity and the other one Papu Hydro provides 90 mw of electricity.

Currently, the company is in a major project which is a 90 mw hydel power project in West Sian District, Arunachal Pradesh. It would be established across Siom River. The CESC now has a total of 1225 MW power generation capacity. Adding to this capacity is their under construction coal-based thermal power stations.


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