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Mainland China, Oh! Calcutta (Speciality Restaurants) Go To South East Asia Post IPO

Speciality Restaurants has their eyes on South-East Asia for some expansion projects. This restaurant has popular outlets in Mainland China, Sigree, and Calcutta. According to their founder and managing director Anjan Chatterjee, they have a lot of plans for international growth.

Speciality Restaurants Logo

Speciality Restaurants

Also, he quoted that they are planning to start their expansion projects in South-East Asia because it would be a lot easier for them. He also added that out of the 45 restaurants that the company is planning to open, about 60 per cent would be in Mainland China. There plan for this fiscal year is to open about 16 eateries and hoping to add another 16 and 13 eateries in the next two years.

Mainland China Logo

Mainland China Logo

There will be a big investment on the part of the company where they will be spending about $24 million for the development of their restaurants. Also they would be investing in setting up a food plaza at Rajarhat on Kolkata that would cost them about $2.7 million.

Oh Calcutta Restaurant Logo

Oh Calcutta Restaurant


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