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Tripura Is Home To India’s Second Industrial Rubber Park

India’s elastic polymer industry is on its way to big achievements. India’s second industrial rubber park was established in Bodhung Nagar industrial growth centre, in western Tripura, 15 km north of Agartala. This park is a joint venture between the Tripura Industrial Development Corporation (TIDC) and the Rubber Board.

Latex Collection - First stage in Rubber Production

Latex Collection - First stage in Rubber Production

It is the second one of its kind in the country, with the first being the rubber park in Irapuram, Kerala. Rs.23 crore was already invested and decisions have been taken that another Rs.75 crore amount will be invested in the park which was inaugurated by Manik Sarkar, the Chief Minister of Tripura on Friday.

It was funded by the union commerce ministry under the ASIDE (Assistance to States for Development of Export Infrastructure and Allied Activities) scheme. The rubber park was built in 58 acres land and after five years will gain the capability to increase the production of rubber to 60,000 tons per year.

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