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Q4 Profit Of Bajaj Auto – Rs. 772 Crore

The auto company Bajaj stated that their quarterly sales this year was low compared to the same quarter report last year. For the number, last year, they had a quarter profit of Rs. 1,400 crore compared to Rs. 772 crore for the last quarter profit this year. This is not that surprising since a lot of companies are also experiencing the same.

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Bajaj Auto

But, amidst this problem, people in the company especially those that manages it are still optimistic that they will achieve their target of 5 million vehicles to be sold this year. They believe that their latest line of vehicles, the Pulsar and Discover would help them reach this number.

The performance of Bajaj is not all downstream for their exports grew 26% and revenues jumped to 40%. According to an auto analyst with Fortune Broking, it would not be a surprise that the company would achieve good records on their profits, margins and revenues. Also, the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers expects Bajaj Auto Company to grow to about 11% for this year.


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