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Apps for speech and hearing impaired developed by Microsoft India Staff

Microsoft has been trying to help those who are impaired physically by creating gadgets that would aid them in their disability. They have created technologies for those who have some problems with hearing, speech and for the blind.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Logo

The team is led by Mr Bangaru Venkatesh with innovative employees of Microsoft. The technology that they are developing will recognize finger or spelling input and convert the symbol into speech or text.

The concept of this technology was derived by Microsoft employees with the help of a device that they use for Microsoft gaming. The device is called the “Kinect device” which detects objects without touching it.

This is really something that technology companies should try to follow so that they would also be of help to the community and not only earning something for themselves and their company. These applications are done by their employees on their own and Microsoft has no liabilities over these applications.


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