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NTPC to Double their Investment on Expansion Activities

The country’s largest power-producer NTPC will double its investment on expansion. This state- run company had invested Rs 11,000 crore for last year’s expansion and now they are aiming for Rs 21,000 for their expansion activities.

NTPC Logo National Thermal Power Corporation

NTPC - National Thermal Power Corporation

This information was given by their Chairman and Managing Director Arup Roy Choudhury. The company will keep an eye on increasing their power capacity especially with their thermal power projects. Currently, they have a generation capacity of 37, 54 MW. Obviously, they will not be resting on this number.

Though the company is quite doing well in the market, they also had experienced the problem with the shortage of coal which has impact on most all energy generating company. This had affected NTPC’s goal of achieving a 65,000 MW to around 50,000 MW.

The good thing with this company when it comes to their bids is that they would also give a bid that for them is doable. They never bid for a project that would someone push them to the edge.



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