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Want Good Returns On Your Money Tension Free? “Buy Gold, Gold ETF”

With all the prices increasing, when many of the commodities and enterprises are seeing a loss, gold on the other hand provided the best returns in the past five years. Standard & Poor’s GSCI Gold Total Return Index of The Bloomberg Riskless Return Ranking registered a 6.5% risk-adjusted return in the past five years.

It is the highest among 24 commodities tracked by S&P making it a safe asset to spend money on for many investors. Volatility is the rate at which the price of an asset can change in a short period of time. This risk-adjusted return is calculated by dividing total return by volatility, or the degree of daily price-swing variation.

It is a measure of income per unit of risk. Silver, another important metal stood second by yielding a risk-adjusted gain of 3.1%, while a total-return index for all raw materials slipped 0.2%. However, if you are thinking it is very tough to buy gold in terms of its expensiveness, then you should take a look at this: Govt. decreases Gold import duties by almost 6%.

However, Morgan Stanley, a global financial services firm and a market leader in securities, asset management and credit services predicted that gold will reach to a record average of $2,175 in 2013.


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