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Kouton on a lot of Moves to Solve their Debt

Koutons has a plan to raise up-to $200 million by providing shares to promoters and others. This information came from the company’s board of directors. In order to keep the company from being buried to more debts, they would be willing to do anything to make things better like preferential allotment, QIP, private placement, GDR, ADR, FCCB or by other means possible.

Koutons Logo

Koutons Logo

The appointment of Ashwini Kumar as Independent Director might also do good in the plan of the company to do better. To add up to the problem that the company is facing is the stepping down of Rajeev Khandelwal from his position.

The company is still in debt to an amount of Rs 600 crore that is the reason why they are really struggling. The good thing is that their bankers had approved a package for them to have their company restructuring obviously for the better. With the right leadership, surely this company will be out of trouble in no time.


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