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Electricity fare Hike approved by MERC

A new electricity fare hike is coming this June 2012 since Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission has given its approval to BEST on its fare hike proposal. This might be best and  good news for the company or group that proposed this hike, but on the contrary, people will surely not like this.



Though it will come by mid if this year, it would definitely have a big impact on people that will be affected. This price hike was approved in order for BEST to recover Rs. 659 crore revenue deficit for the last three fiscal years.



If this will be implemented in June, the electricity rate would have an increase of 27.6 per cent. This price hike would surely add revenue to the company involve and is expecting to have a revenue increase of Rs 761 crore.

People who will be affected by this hike should prepare by now since it will definitely create an impact in their monthly budget.


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