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Dabur India to Lauch e-portal “NewU”

The Dabur India Ltd firm has a good expansion plan this year where they aim to open 30 new stores. The coming of these new stores come their new way of getting people into their business with its ‘NewU’ retail chain where it will cater people in the online portal. This will surely increase the people who will know about their business and become potential clients.

Dabur India Logo - Celebrate Life

Dabur India Logo - Celebrate Life

According to the H & B Chief Operating Officer Parikshit Sharma, they are hoping to launch the e-portal in June. They also added that their company is quite ready for this kind of technology which will surely give some boost on their sales and profit.

The NewU might offer new online features for their customers, but the company had already done something similar to this with the range of their skincare products. They were able to launch an online shopping portal for their beauty products. As we all know, most of the people today are doing their purchase online so it would really be advantageous for a company to go with this trend.


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