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Poultry Management Institute of Suguna Group

Suguna Institute of Poultry Management is about to be set up by the Suguna Group. The company is among the leading poultry and poultry-based products provider in the country and now they are entering the education sector. The main objective of this institution is to help people better understand the concept of scientific poultry farming in an environment that is conducive for their clientele.

Suguna Group Logo

Suguna Group Logo

They will be delivering education through their well- structured curriculum. Some of the courses that will be offered by the Institution are incubation, manufacturing technology and hatchery management.

The company said that they would not only be teaching their clients how to farm but also they will provide continuous support to those rural entrepreneurs who are running their own farms.

Definitely there is good profit for people who owns and runs a farm especially if they have the right skill and knowledge on running it effectively. The group has been known in helping people live a better life including their employees where some without formal education in poultry.


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