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Wagh Bakri asks for lower import duty on Tea

An increase of Rs 12 per kg in various categories of tea occurred on Monday when the Wagh Bakri Group had their second increase in tea price. The company is India’s third largest tea packager. The company had urged the Centre to reduce duty on imported
teas so that it would be cheaper in the market.

Wagh Bakri Logo
Wagh Bakri Logo

The Wagh Bakri is noted to sell around 2.8 crore kg of tea per annum and it has been selling its product to different areas in India
like Maharashtra, Madhaya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Today, India is producing 98 crore kg of tea unually where they export around 18 crore kg. The exporting of teas cannot be stop since the government has made a lot of efforts in order for these exports to take place.

What is more doable is the reduction of duty on imports. There have been a lot of factors why the production of tea in India had some problems which the government should really look into and find some alternatives on how to solve the problem with supply and demand of tea.


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