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Daimler Expansion Plans in India: 36,000 units in 2014

The Daimler India Commercial Vehicles will be eyeing on a capacity expansion on 36,000 units in its Chennai plant in the year 2014. Companies such as Daimler are really good when it comes to doing some expansion projects for their company and has been successful with it in a couple of years.

Daimler BharatBenz India Logo

Daimler BharatBenz India Logo

This plan has been established amidst the fact that the company had only a 3% growth in the Indian commercial market for the last fiscal. Though this growth is not what they have been expecting, still this number is good news for the company. Though the number is really low, at least they have an improvement.

For a certain company, it really counts. The company is still investing on infrastructure and consumer durables. By the year 2020, they are expecting to grab a 20% share in the Indian CV market. This would surely be possible with the continuous expansion of the company.


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