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Infosys Up for a Rs. 600 Crore SEZ project

After receiving the right legal documents for their clearance, the Infosys, an IT company will set up its second biggest facility that is worth around Rs 600 crore which will be situated in Bangalore. This is definitely a good news for people in Bangalore since it will provide around 8,000 vacant jobs for people their.

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The new facility of Infosys will be located near the Bangalore International Airport. The Industries Department has said that the company is planning to add another 60 acres of land to the 40 acres already allotted to them.

This just shows that the company has seen the potential of the place to provide them with the kind of sales and improvement that they are looking for. A technology company would definitely be a good business that will constantly have a high demand since the need for technology is in constant increasing demand.

The expansions that the company is doing are not only a good news for their company, but also good news for those who are unemployed.


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