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The new M-Class of Mercedes-Benz launched in India

As promised, the German luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz had introduced an exciting and a new model in the car industry. This is through the launching its third generation sports utility vehicle which they named M-class.

New Mercedes Benz M Class

New Mercedes Benz M Class

This new car is priced at Rs 56.9 lakh. The company is quite optimistic that this new car would be embraced well by car lovers. The quality drive and the luxurious experience that a person would have from this car would surely be satisfying.

This is really great for those who are planning to buy a new car and wants their luxurious needs to be satisfied. The car is equipped with state of the art technologies like anti-lock braking system and electronic stability program and electronic traction system. So far, the company had sold around 1,500 units for the previous models of the vehicle launched in the year 2008.

The good thing with this new model is that it comes in a lesser price of about 15 per cent. The company had also an experience where the cars that they have developed were already sold prior to its launching.


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