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Power Finance Corporation using Medium Term Bond issue to raise Rs. 1000 Crore

Two tranches of bonds are being raised by infrastructure finance company wherein the two bonds will be maturing in seven and five years. The bond maturing for five year comes with a call and will put option after three years while the other bond will put option after five years.

PFC Logo Power FInance Corporation

PFC - Power Finance Corporation

The coupon of the five year bond is of 9.61 per cent while for the sever year bond is of 9.41 per cent. Major rating agencies have rated these bonds as AAA. The PFC has been doing well with their net profit and it is expected to do better this year.

They have been reported to be constantly in a massive growth every year with about 35 per cent of growth leading them to a net profit of Rs 820 crore in the fourth quarter of FY 2012. A lot of people benefits from these growth, not only the people who runs the company, but also for the people who works for the company.


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