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Sony India will invest more in Marketing for Fiscal 2011-12

Sony India had decided to increase their marketing budget by 25 per cent amounting to Rs 450 crore in order to have good sales for his fiscal year. This sounds quite reasonable since marketing really plays a major role in the sales generation of a certain company.

Sony Logo

Sony Logo

Even though a company such as Sony India is quite popular these days, they still need to invest in marketing in order to retain their customers. If this will be left unattended, surely competition will defeat the sales of the company.

The company said that they are planning to increase their sales which landed at Rs 6,313 crore for the fiscal 2011-2012. According to the Managing Director of Sony India Masaru Tamagawa, the company will be investing in its marketing and it will be a part of the business growth that they are pursuing this year.

Last year, the company had invested only Rs 360 crore on their marketing.


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