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Number of Indians applying for Australian student visas on the rise

Amidst tight student’s visa rules, the number of Indian students applying for Australian student visa is on the rise. There was a 16 per cent increase on the number of students who applied for Australian student visa with numbers from 28,067 last year up to a 32,500 student visa application from July 2011 to March 2012.

For the record, India is still the second largest source country for students being granted with visas. The Vice Chancellor of Bristol University and President of Universities UK, Mr. Eric Thomas stated a warning regarding the tightening of the rules on visa for students.

The new rules would surely affect how a foreign students or graduate be able to work in Britain. There might be a conception that Britain is putting up another barrier to entry on their grounds.

Though this might be true, Thomas mentioned that students would be excluded from this. Still good news for students in India and other countries who wanted to apply for Australian student visa.


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