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Rs. 629 Crore net loss in Q4 for Tata Power

Tata Power has been experiencing some problems internally which might be one of the reasons why they had a net loss of Rs 629 crore in the current fourth quarter. Comparing on the corresponding period a year ago, the company had a net profit of Rs 625 crore.

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Tata Power

To be specific, the problem lies on the wrong decisions they made in relation to their Mundra project. They have made some significant losses of about Rs 815 crore on their accounts in forex.

The company is deeply affected by this problem thus ending the latest fiscal year with a net loss of Rs 1,088 crore compared to their net profit of Rs 2,060 crore on their previous year. Definitely, the company is bound to bounce back on this new fiscal year.

They just need to hope that the provisions that they will be making for the company would now to them good.


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