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Edelweiss Housing Targets Rs 1,500 Crore Loan Booking This Fiscal

The Edelweiss Housing Group which is a housing finance company is planning to attain a total of Rs 1,500 crore for this fiscal. An official of the company have said that they would make necessary
strategies in order to raise their sales for this fiscal year. They will be putting this into realization with raising money through securitization and they would also get itself rated from credit rating agencies.

Edelweiss Housing Logo

Edelweiss Housing

The company is in constant pursuit for an improvement in their profits every year. For the 2013 fiscal, they are looking to house an 18 per cent increase in their sales. This year, they will be doing their best in order to cut the cost of their functions and services while still be able to render good service to a lot of people.

Today, most of the money that was funded by the company is because of their parent entity which is Elderweiss Housing Finance. But, they are really doing their best to make some good capital out of their own efforts.


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