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Bata Outsources Half of its Sales; Plans Rs. 45 Crore Investment

Bata India has mentioned that it outsources a total of 50 per cent of its products sold. But they have also affirmed that they will not be anymore exceeding this level. This information was given by Bata India Chairman Uday Khanna which is to answer the question raised by stakeholders.

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They have noted that they have outsourced 60 dedicated professionals. The company will now also focus on its specialized products. They are also planning to have an investment of Rs 45 crore for their plants in Batanagar, Bangalore and Patna. The improvement of these plants would surely do well for the company when it comes to boosting their sales.

A major inclusion in their plan is to continue their expansion plans. They are planning to expand on their exclusive stores and some brands like Footin and Hush Puppies. The total investment that they are looking for this year is about Rs 100 crore where most of the money would be in stores.


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