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Vibgyor Group Offering Low Cost Housing – Rs. 3 Lakh Onwards

A new cheaper deal in the realty sector has got the attention of a lot of people. The Vibgyor Group has launched affordable housing projects across India. These houses are priced at Rs 3 lakh. The cheap price doesn’t mean that the quality and design of the house was compromised since these houses still have a modern architecture, design, amenities and layout.

Vibgyor Group Logo Housing

Vibgyor Group Logo

All of these to satisfy the needs of people who are looking for a safe and great house to live. In general, these housing projects will include guest houses, swimming pools, ATM counters and house clubs. Also, it will house some community halls, landscape gardens, a place where children could play and utility shops.

All of the things that you need in your day to day life have been taken into consideration on these housing projects. Affordable housing has now become a trend in India due to the scarce of land and also with the soaring property prices.

The mission of this project is to be of help to those families with low income that still they could make their dreams of having their own home a reality.


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