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Report: Indian Consumers Use TV Sets For the Longest Duration

A current study has shown that consumers of TV sets in India keep their TV sets for the longest period. According to the research, in India, a television set would remain in the longest period of 6.7 years compared to just 3.5 years in urban China. The study was conducted by NPD DisplaySearch.

Their data also show that around 31% of TV buyers are planning to replace their television, but 22% are planning to add a new TV in their household. There are a lot of factors for this trend and this includes the price of televisions, the varying sizes of televisions and at the same time the consumer’s desire for the latest technology.

The research shows that there are a lot of people who wanted to have and LCD TV which has a range of 30 inch to 44 inch. This just proves that people today wanted a better means for entertainment at home. With the technology and size that television manufacturers are adding to the device, surely more and more people will craze for a newer television set.


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