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IFFL Dividend Opportunities Index Fund Launched

The IFFL Mutual Fund had launched an open-ended fund that they have called the IFFL Dividend Opportunities Index Fund. According to their chief executive Mr Gopinath Natarajan, the objective of this new type of fund is to provide good returns to their investors where they will be encourage investing in 50 high – dividend yielding stocks.



With a minimum amount of Rs 5,000 you will now be able to participate in this index fund. The application for this loan is currently open until June 19 only. You can also be able to select from a monthly or quarterly investment plan. This offers more option for people who wanted to invest in the new funding scheme offered by the company.

Mr Natarajan had mentioned that this fund is beneficial for those who aim to reap benefits from high-dividend yields that share their profits by way of dividends. People should take advantage of this since it will be beneficial for them.


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